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A membership programme allowing access to credit reports provided by the credit services provider, TransUnion International UK Limited.

Please Note: The use of this website does not guarantee you a Higher Credit Score!

Welcome to High Credit Score

Welcome to High Credit Score, a membership programme providing access to the tools you need to monitor your credit information, including access to your credit report provided by our credit services provider, TransUnion International UK Limited.

Members of the High Credit Score membership programmes can benefit from the Special Offers available.

The Information Centre provides information to keep you updated with market information.


High Credit Score

High Credit Score provides you with the tools to assess your creditworthiness and can assist you to make more accurate decisions about the likelihood of fulfilling credit commitments.

High Credit Score works in association with our credit services provider to provide a unique credit package. Not only does this include a credit report and a credit score, but will also alert you to any changes to your credit status, so that the threat of identity theft can be monitored.


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